Harper chez les sionistes nazis…

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« Canada welcomes latest U.S. sanctions. While Ukraine’s interim prime minister has left his country to solicit the support of other world leaders during the crisis in his country, no G7 leader has set foot in Ukraine amid the political unrest. »  – CBS News

« Harper’s visit to #Kyiv — where he will meet with Ukraine’s Interim Prime Minister Arseniy #Yatsenyuk —​ will be further « expression of Canada’s principled stand on Ukraine, » said the prime minister’s director of communications, Jason MacDonald in an interview with CBC News on Thursday.

This visit has been proclaimed to be « historic. » I bet this is the first time during his entire tenure that Canada’s PM Steven #Harper found the time to personally visit Ukraine. And it’s not just any time – it’s specifically NOW, after the coup that unseated the democratically elected Victor #Yanukovich and installed the unelected US stooge Yatsenyuk, or « Yats, » as was so well articulated by Victoria #Nuland in

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