L’Iran montre des dents….

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Russia’s awesome SS-N-22 Sunburn missile!

  • The SS-N-22 Sunburn missile is made by the Russians. Iran is rumoured to have improved upon this missile in terms of range and speed! We do not know whether the Chinese have provided any of their missile technology to the Iranians. If the Chinese have sold them the DF21D missile, specifically designed to be a carrier killer, it is game over for the western naval armada! See: US admiral: Carrier killer won’t stop US Navy!
  • From what I gather, in Pentagon war gaming/simulations: 3 out of 4 aircraft carriers will be sunk by the Iranians. It is no surprise that General Dempsey is unwilling to engage the Iranians in a war. All the hubris, macho show of force will count for nothing when the Sunburns come flying in. The western naval armada is in for a nasty ass whooping! The probability of 70% of the…

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