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Friends of Syria


Barack Hussein Obama and Hillary Clinton continue to act clueless when it comes to ISIS. They act clueless about when they formed, where they are today, and how can we defeat them. They are lazy, but they are also severely incompetent.

Last week, Donald Trump asserted that Hillary Clinton and Obama “founded ISIS.” Trump didn’t literally mean they sat down and discussed how to create this group from scratch–or did he?

 Trump’s statement is 100% accurate, and a leaked memo from the State Department proves it to be true!
 A month ago, it was released that Hillary Clinton received classified intelligence stating that Obama was supporting Al Qaeda in Iraq (AQI), the group that changed their name to ISIS. So, Obama is the founder of ISIS, and Hillary quickly became the co-captain of this dangerous team in 2012.

The leaked memo made it abundantly clear that AQI used Muhammad Al Adnani…

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