“For the crimes committed in Srebrenica Izetbegovic and Bill Clinton are directly responsible”

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« At least 1,000 Bosnian Muslims from Srebrenica were killed by their compatriots during the breakthrough to Tuzla in July 1995, because there were lists of those who ” have to be prevented from reaching the freedom, at any cost”, said one of the founders of  SDA political party in Srebrenica, Ibran Mustafic .

Ibran mustafić.jpg Ibran Mustafic

**   Ibran Mustafic is the author of  the book “Planned chaos” whereas some of the crimes committed by soldiers of the (Muslim) Army of Bosnia and Herzegovina against Serbs  are for the first time recognized and described, as well as the permanent Western illegal arm shipment to Bosnian Muslim separatists before and during the war, and what’s significant, even during the period when Srebrenica was demilitarized zone under UN protection.  Mustafic tells about inter Muslim clashes and general debauchery in the municipality which has been ruled by mafia under the Bosniak military commander, Naser…

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