Une femelle c’est une femelle, un mâle c’est un mâle… point!…

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Une Nouvelle étude scientifique démontre que la plupart des différences génétiques Homme/Femme affectant le Cerveau se développent au Stade Prénatal, excluant ainsi, encore une fois, l’idée que le « GENRE » n’est qu’une construction sociale.

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A New Study Blows Up Old Ideas About Girls and Boys

Is gender a mere tool of the patriarchy? Or is it hardwired prior to birth?

Posted Mar 27, 2019

If there are superstar scholars, Berkeley professor Judith Butler is a superstar. She is best known for pioneering the idea that “male” and “female” are merely social constructs. She writes that “because gender is not a fact, the various acts of gender creates the idea of gender, and without those acts, there would be no gender at all.” For this insight, she has been rewarded with an avalanche of scholarly honors and prizes, including the Mellon Prize, which carries with…

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