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25 mai 2019

GRAPHIC: Mohamed Abu Khdeir Forced to Drink Gasoline Then Set Alight by Violent Jews

La torture en Palestine occupée!…


The horrid story of this young Gentile Palestinian boy’s end at the hands of psychotic revenge-obsessed Jews gets worse and worse as more information comes to light.  According to Richard Silverstein of Tikkun Olam, certain details have only been published in Jewish media in Hebrew, and in Le Monde (in French only) as they scamper to keep the truth away from the Gentile world and ‘contain’ the damage already caused by fellow violent Jews’ pogrom, multiple on-going attempts at kidnapping Palestinians (including children) – here, here, here and here (obviously to revenge-murder them also), beatings, stabbings, hatchet almost revenge-murder, assault of a Christian bishop and priest as well as a governor and on and on it goes. And that isn’t even the beginning of the public relations problem for the Jews: they beat a Palestinian-American teen within an inch of his life whilst he…

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Pour des pauvres, ils s’en tirent pas si mal!…

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